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Encouraging Your Athlete's Dreams OR Be Realistic?

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2024

When it comes to encouraging your athlete's dreams for a scholarship or to "go pro" VS. being realistic, here are my thoughts on what every parents and coach should do:

Resist the "mature adult" temptation to be realistic.

In my opinion, this is an arena that we would be wise to learn from our children. Having that child-like belief is what you and I honestly need more of.

"But I just want to keep them from disappointment. That is why I keep telling them that only .3% make it, and IF they want to, they better start doing this, that, and that."

Is that a good idea?

Is trying to keep your players or children from disappointment the best thing for them?

I think the more important thing is to:

1. Value the Process of BECOMING over Achieving.

Teach them to dream big and go for big goals, knowing that who they become along the way is always better than what they end up accomplishing.

*Note: 1 of the 5 key habits of the top achievers in the...

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#1 Way to Be PRESENT in Sports

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2024

Lately I have been hearing a lot of coaches complain about their athletes inability to be present. I've also had many athletes acknowledge the same problem. For once we are all on the same page ;-)

What I am about to share with you is something that you likely have never really thought about. I found a major connection between a few HABITS that our athletes have and their INABILITY to be present in sports. 

Lack of Presence = Inconsistent Performance


You are either going to love this message about be like "YES! Holy Moly! This is a game-changer!! Or, you'll hate it and think it is dumb... 

Let's dive in.


Athlete, if you aren’t present it usually means your mind is somewhere else:

  • Thinking about someone else, their accomplishments

  • Thinking about drama you have in your life or someone else’s

  • Thinking about something random

  • Thinking about your future

  • Thinking about your past

  • Thinking about current challenges you are facing

When we...

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Breaking News: Your Athlete's Pace Will Break Them


If we as parents and coaches do not take responsibility to model and teach the pace of grace to our kids, our kids are headed for chronically impatient, anxiety-ridden, dissatisfied, stressful lives.


They will undoubtedly be crippled forever by the fear of falling behind, not measuring up, not being enough, and this ever-present feeling of doubt and anxiety will overtake them.


Ok, Andrew. What's with the bleak blog post?


My heart hurt after meeting with a 10th grader last week who is experiencing MANY of those things above...


We mapped out her entire weekly calendar and not only is it packed beyond anything I have ever seen, but the message that this type of schedule is sending this young lady is the real issue at hand. 


It reminds me exactly of the circumstances Maddy Holleran faced, a young lady who chose to end her own life in college.


Our Kids Need to See and Experience The Pace of Grace


  • Do you...

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Should I force my athlete, or let them choose?

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2023

This is a deep subject and one I don't feel I've mastered, but it's a question I get asked often.

"Should I force my athlete to ________, or let them choose?"

Whether it's about:

- doing training at PFP (our gym, Player's Fitness and Performance)

- doing mindset training

- practicing/running on their own

- going to a private skill coach

- having a certain attitude, level of effort, etc.

You are probably really eager to hear my response, but I don't have THE answer. 

I have a question to ponder and a principle to consider.

Question 1: If I force them in this situation, what is the best thing that could happen? What's the worst? And can I live with the worst?

Example: Over the past 9 years (PFP's 9 year anniversary is this Friday) I've witness literally hundreds of parents who "forced" their kids to at least come try it, against their will. 

The majority of these kids walked into PFP mad, anxious, and often...

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Athletes Building Resumes Instead of Inner Strength

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2022

Why do I play sports?

Early on I enjoyed sports for what they were, not for the resume building benefit. I played because I wanted to, not because I wanted to please everyone around me.

There is a lot of this going on right now and it’s costing athlete’s performance, mental health, and passion. 

Coaches need to speak out against it. People listen to humble, passionate, knowledgeable coaches.

My encouragement is to look at your players today and with conviction, communicate some version of this truth:

“Team. Why did you start playing this game?”

Let them respond.

Then follow up with your own version of this:

“I know some of you are exhausted right now trying to keep up, trying not to fall behind, trying to work your way to being more valuable and special.

You think that by playing sports, playing on multiple club teams, going to the extra showcases, doing the extra hitting lessons, doing the extra conditioning, and doing the extra skill...

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Physical Education is Important for All Grades

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2020
Physical education should be required for every grade and state in the United States.
“Covid-19 is not the pandemic that is coursing through our nation, but the rapid increase in the percentage of people in our country with depression, anxiety, heart disease, cancers due to obesity. Obesity as a whole has been shown to parallel directly with the increase of sedentary habits, the rise of the age of tech, ease of access to foods that are bad for you, and the increased amount of school systems that have been shutting down and limiting physical education programs” (Munday 2020). About 1 in 3 American children are obese. Could this be from the lack of physical education or unhealthy eating habits? Many schools have replaced the unhealthy foods and drinks in their vending machines and cafeteria to hopefully solve the issue of obesity in our children. Physical education provides exercise for the students. Some people believe physical education is a waste of time and...
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3 Speed and Form Exercises for your Athlete

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2020

Hey parents!


What a great resource I have for you today.


This is the one magical exercise that is going to INSTANTLY improve your 8-year-olds top-end speed and a 40-yard dash by seconds...


Just kidding... I did catch your attention though right?


Okay, real quick:


Here are 3 exercises that will increase speed and improve your athlete's running form and Safety.


  • Wall Drill:
    • Finding an empty wall or space where your athlete can get into their Lamborghini lean, practice knee drive, shin angle, and foot striking position.
    • Here is an in-depth video on our Wall Drill and how to do it:


  • Seated Arm Swings
    • Sit on the ground with back straight and arms in the ready position
    • Swing arms as if running with elbows at a 90-degree angle
    • Gradually increase speed
    • Repeat for a specified time
    • Here is a Video Tutorial for this exercise:


  • Power Skips
    • Skipping motion with a powerful...
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26% of Youth Athletes (6-11 y/o) will Experience Elbow Injuries and Pain through their Youth Seasons

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020

Hey Parent,


The offseason for Summer/Fall Baseball and Softball is coming up fast. Is your Child experiencing Arm pain during or after games or practices?


Research shows that unknowingly the age of Sports-related injuries and Overuse injuries is becoming younger and younger. The National Athletic Trainers Association found that 50% of youth athlete sports injuries stem from overuse injuries.


At a young age, a general foundation of fitness must be achieved before sports specialization and before receiving position-specific training. Without a general foundation of fitness and bodyweight movement proficiency overuse injuries are more common.


3 major arm injuries that can occur are:


-UCL Sprain or Tear


-"Little Leaguer's Elbow"


-Panners Disease and Osteochondritis Dissecans


It is recommended that children that are looking to take their game to the next level should be enrolled in a youth performance program that will help...

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How Over Exposure to Blue Light can Impair our Children's Mental Health (Virtual Learning)

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020

Hey Parents,


Is your Child's Mental Health important? Read all the way through so that I can give you 4 ways to keep you and your child sane through the course of the virtual schooling pandemic.


We now have heard it a million times. "In our New Norm"; "Under our current circumstances"; "Well with the current situation the world is in." Just in those few words it instantly reminds me of what research says that all of our youth are going through right now.


  • Heightened percentage of Anxiety throughout the School-Aged population


  • Increased Levels of Stress throughout Families


  • Lower levels of Success, Growth, and Focus in the virtual classrooms


  • And many more unfavorable factors and impact is occurring....


As a coach of 6-11-year-olds, I have seen the drastic negative impact on engagement, drive, energy, and will power. Our Sessions at the Rock Solid Kids Academy are held after classes and homework are usually done and these children...

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3 Virtual School Health Hacks

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2020

Hey you guys! 


It’s Coach Brian from the RSK Academy. You guys have been doing an awesome job getting our Facebook page almost 200 likes! Thank you so much. Today I wanted to bring you 3 Virtual School Health Hacks that will keep your child’s nutrition on track, Keep their Brains Functioning at the highest level, and keep their bodies happy and healthy as well.


Hack #1

Have your child snacking on Vegetables. Vegetables are a snack that your child can have an unlimited amount of. They are filling, good for you, and help your child stay away from high sugar and high-fat snacks. Coach Brian’s favorite Vegetable snack is Carrots and even carrots with hummus!


Hack #2: 

1 Minute Quick Bursts of Physical Activity between homework and each Zoom Class. Here is the link to Coach Brian’s 1 Minute Brain Break Activities: These videos will help your child’s Brain create the Optimal Blood and Oxygen flow to...

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