"MOM"ing: It's Not All Sparkles and Tutus

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2021

You might look at this picture and say I have the perfect family. You might even think I am the perfect mom!

I couldn’t be any further from that statement!

Here is what I know: No family is perfect and not one person is perfect. 

We all have our flaws. We all have our messes. We all have troubles and struggles!

You see, this picture was set up. We were told to look at each other and pretend to talk and smile. 

Wouldn’t that be amazing if life were perfectly staged?

I am sorry I have to be the bearer of bad news…….Life isn’t a perfect filter. There are troubles and struggles in life. No one can avoid them. 

Stop beating yourself up expecting perfect kids, a perfect family and perfect relationships. Stop beating yourself up trying to portray the perfect family either!

Instead expect troubles, struggles and a whole lot of mess. If you go in with that expectation, then you won’t be disappointed when troubles and struggles hit...

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Physical Education is Important for All Grades

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2020
Physical education should be required for every grade and state in the United States.
“Covid-19 is not the pandemic that is coursing through our nation, but the rapid increase in the percentage of people in our country with depression, anxiety, heart disease, cancers due to obesity. Obesity as a whole has been shown to parallel directly with the increase of sedentary habits, the rise of the age of tech, ease of access to foods that are bad for you, and the increased amount of school systems that have been shutting down and limiting physical education programs” (Munday 2020). About 1 in 3 American children are obese. Could this be from the lack of physical education or unhealthy eating habits? Many schools have replaced the unhealthy foods and drinks in their vending machines and cafeteria to hopefully solve the issue of obesity in our children. Physical education provides exercise for the students. Some people believe physical education is a waste of time and...
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3 Speed and Form Exercises for your Athlete

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2020

Hey parents!


What a great resource I have for you today.


This is the one magical exercise that is going to INSTANTLY improve your 8-year-olds top-end speed and a 40-yard dash by seconds...


Just kidding... I did catch your attention though right?


Okay, real quick:


Here are 3 exercises that will increase speed and improve your athlete's running form and Safety.


  • Wall Drill:
    • Finding an empty wall or space where your athlete can get into their Lamborghini lean, practice knee drive, shin angle, and foot striking position.
    • Here is an in-depth video on our Wall Drill and how to do it: https://bit.ly/3eHd896


  • Seated Arm Swings
    • Sit on the ground with back straight and arms in the ready position
    • Swing arms as if running with elbows at a 90-degree angle
    • Gradually increase speed
    • Repeat for a specified time
    • Here is a Video Tutorial for this exercise: https://bit.ly/3kf9N2p


  • Power Skips
    • Skipping motion with a powerful...
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26% of Youth Athletes (6-11 y/o) will Experience Elbow Injuries and Pain through their Youth Seasons

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020

Hey Parent,


The offseason for Summer/Fall Baseball and Softball is coming up fast. Is your Child experiencing Arm pain during or after games or practices?


Research shows that unknowingly the age of Sports-related injuries and Overuse injuries is becoming younger and younger. The National Athletic Trainers Association found that 50% of youth athlete sports injuries stem from overuse injuries.


At a young age, a general foundation of fitness must be achieved before sports specialization and before receiving position-specific training. Without a general foundation of fitness and bodyweight movement proficiency overuse injuries are more common.


3 major arm injuries that can occur are:


-UCL Sprain or Tear


-"Little Leaguer's Elbow"


-Panners Disease and Osteochondritis Dissecans


It is recommended that children that are looking to take their game to the next level should be enrolled in a youth performance program that will help...

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How Over Exposure to Blue Light can Impair our Children's Mental Health (Virtual Learning)

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020

Hey Parents,


Is your Child's Mental Health important? Read all the way through so that I can give you 4 ways to keep you and your child sane through the course of the virtual schooling pandemic.


We now have heard it a million times. "In our New Norm"; "Under our current circumstances"; "Well with the current situation the world is in." Just in those few words it instantly reminds me of what research says that all of our youth are going through right now.


  • Heightened percentage of Anxiety throughout the School-Aged population


  • Increased Levels of Stress throughout Families


  • Lower levels of Success, Growth, and Focus in the virtual classrooms


  • And many more unfavorable factors and impact is occurring....


As a coach of 6-11-year-olds, I have seen the drastic negative impact on engagement, drive, energy, and will power. Our Sessions at the Rock Solid Kids Academy are held after classes and homework are usually done and these children...

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3 Virtual School Health Hacks

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2020

Hey you guys! 


It’s Coach Brian from the RSK Academy. You guys have been doing an awesome job getting our Facebook page almost 200 likes! Thank you so much. Today I wanted to bring you 3 Virtual School Health Hacks that will keep your child’s nutrition on track, Keep their Brains Functioning at the highest level, and keep their bodies happy and healthy as well.


Hack #1

Have your child snacking on Vegetables. Vegetables are a snack that your child can have an unlimited amount of. They are filling, good for you, and help your child stay away from high sugar and high-fat snacks. Coach Brian’s favorite Vegetable snack is Carrots and even carrots with hummus!


Hack #2: 

1 Minute Quick Bursts of Physical Activity between homework and each Zoom Class. Here is the link to Coach Brian’s 1 Minute Brain Break Activities: https://bit.ly/36dymJP These videos will help your child’s Brain create the Optimal Blood and Oxygen flow to...

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3 Tips to help your child SUPER POWER their brain

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2020

Hey there!


I know that you have been struggling with your child paying attention and even struggling during school. I feel your pain and with this message, I want to give you 3 tools that will Super Power your child's brain so that they perform better in school and act better at home.

Let's combine forces here and set your children up for success.


Tip #1

Set a 50-minute timer for your child during these classes or while they are working on homework. This 50-minute timer will be utilized to get them up and moving for a few minutes allowing their brains and bodies to reset and prepare for the next 50 minutes. 

These pit stops will help your child have more energy throughout the day and they become more productive through their work.


Tip #2

Frequent Quick bursts of physical activity throughout the day. These activities can be a part of your child's pit stops or they can be done on top of your child's water break, stretch session, or potty break.

Do you know...

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How quick Bursts of Physical Activity can help your child learn more during Class (Zoom Class)

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2020

Hey there!


I have had the opportunity to talk to many parents of children ages 6-11 and a few common struggles have been “My Child doesn’t pay attention during class”, “I am afraid my child will not learn anything during online school”, and “My Child is irritated with the circumstances and it shows in their mood.”


You could probably guess it already, but some of the best ways to resolve these issues, that I know all of you are having, is to have your child become involved in some type of aerobic physical activity between each of their classes and between the schoolwork they are doing (or just in general consistently).


PE 1 or 2 times a week for 30-45 minutes is not enough!


Dr. Erin Hall from the Physical Education and Health Department at California State University conveyed that “physical activity increases blood flow and oxygen delivery [to the Brain], thus increasing mental functioning.” There is a...

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How Much Screen Time is TOO MUCH?

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2020


Screen usage has been on the rise for years and can be seen to have a significant impact on your child's laziness BMI and ability to learn.


An article was written by dr. Eric Sigman managing screen time and Screen dependency States by the age of 7 the average child will have spent a full year of 24 hour days watching recreational screen media.


Over the course of childhood, children spend more time watching TV than they spend in school. in 2013 the US Department of Health recommended that children under 2 years of age should not be in front of a screen at all and over that age, the maximum leisure screen time should be no more than 2 hours a day.


Some notable names in The Tech Community such as Steve Jobs(Apple), Bill Gates(Microsoft), and Evan Spiegel (Snapchat) have expressed their concerns for our youth using Tech. These Tech Giants have limited or don't even allow access to screens for their children. For example, Bill Gates didn't allow his...

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7 year olds should Strength Train: Here’s why

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2020



I am here to talk about Why it is Essential for Your Child to Strength Train between the ages 7 and 11


A child’s physical, cognitive, and social maturity are key factors in determining the age at which a child is ready to participate in a strength training program.


There is no minimum age requirement for participation, although children must be able to follow directions and demonstrate Proficient body Weight balance and proprioception, which generally occurs by the age of 7.


Did you know as soon as a child is born it begins Strength Training? 


Babies learn to Roll, Crawl, Stand up, and walk and this is a demonstration of their version of strength training. 


Now the Misunderstanding with Strength Training in our youth is that strength training involves putting your athlete under superior loads that will damage the growth plates and Stunt the growth of your child. But, the exact opposite happens when under...

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