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Bad Coach? 3 Ways to Thrive Anyway


Can you still have a positive experience and come out on top in your sport if you have an unkind, command and control, never give praise or encouragement kind of coach?

You can if you learn to take back control of 3 things.

Athlete, you do not have to suffer mentally or emotionally just because you have a coach who does not treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

3 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Experience in Sports 

1. Control what you FOCUS on.

I know, your coach never recognizes your progress. Never tells you good job. Always points out where you fall short. And never really gives you guidance and attention to help you improve.

But what DO you have?

  • Teammates that you love being around!
  • A sport you love playing!
  • You have skills you have developed!
  • You have goals to work towards! 

What you focus on ends up being your experience, regardless of what your coach says, does, doesn't say, or doesn't do.


2. Control what...

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3 Easy to Apply Keys to Confidence

athlete confidence Apr 27, 2024

“I am just not confident. My coach says I just need to be confident, but I don't know how. I know I can be better than I’m currently showing. I hate feeling like this, Coach Andrew.”


That’s a conversation I recently had with a young female lacrosse player. The truth is, it's a conversation I have almost everyday! Luckily, there are 3 quick and easy things an athlete can do to get confident.


It is upsetting when I watch this common, fixable problem break the hearts of mom and dad. It's upsetting watching your son or daughter doubt him or herself, lack self-belief, lower their standards, and hold back.


How many others are there?


How many kids out there have the desire to be successful yet are left feeling hopeless, unworthy, and anything but successful?


3 Keys to Confidence

1. Know, Focus On, and Double Down On Your Strengths. 

When you focus on where you are...

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