Cultivate Mental Toughness, Beat Competition Anxiety, and Help Your Athlete Reach Full Potential


Whether You Have Middle School, High School, or College Athletes, Our 1 on 1 Mindset Performance Academy Will Help Your Young Athlete Achieve a Better Mindset and Balance in Sports & Life.

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Is Your Athlete's Inner Talk Track Helping Or Hurting Them?

Since 80% of most self-talk negative and only 20% is positive, your athlete's inner voice can lead them to success or failure.

Combine what's happening in their head with all the other inputs–and their mind can create a pressure cooker effect.

Ultimately, how your child manages their mindset is powerful. (Unfortunately, you cannot do that for them.)

Have you ever watched your young athlete:

  • Contemplate what MIGHT GO WRONG during a game, competition, or performance ?
  • Question if they’re GOOD ENOUGH or if they’re part of the right team?
  • Struggle BALANCING sports, life, school, and all their responsibilities?

If you answered yes, then the Athlete Mindset Performance Academy is for YOUR Athlete.

Perhaps Your Athlete Is Silently Struggling.

From the outside, it APPEARS your athlete has the "perfect life." But on the inside, things may be much different.

If you’ve seen hints that they are quietly fighting:

  • not measuring up, 
  • trying to do everything correctly, or 
  • getting validation from their coaches, peer, or you—

Then the pressure to perform athletically and academically may be triggering stress and other issues YOU DON'T SEE.

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Good News! It Is Possible To Jump Over These Hidden Hurdles.

Your young athlete CAN stop playing tug-of-war with their hectic schedule, grades, performance, competition, pleasing others, or any other unhealthy habits.

Imagine The Possibilities for Your Student-Athlete.

It WILL happen when your athlete is equipped to overcome adversity and deal with success using a champion mentality.

The Mindset Performance Academy will equip, encourage, and empower your student-athlete to soar over hidden hurdles.

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What Happens To Student-Athletes Who Don't Take Steps to Improve?

Some student athletes have dropped out of their favorite sport, lost their scholarship, or worse yet, some have tried to take their own lives.

Over the years, American College of Sports Medicine has seen:

  • 25-30% of student-athletes reporting anxiety.
  • 25% experiencing burnout, depression, and eating disorders.
  • 63% of college athletes reporting feelings of overwhelm.
  • 58% feeling mentally exhausted.
  • And tragically, 5% considering self-harm or suicide.

Get Your Athlete A Solution That Works.

With statistics and trends like those, I have made it my personal quest to provide a solution that trains young athletes how to take back control.

But just like muscles and skills your young athlete develops with ongoing training, their mindset needs constant attention to be the best version of themselves.

I know the Mindset Performance Academy works because I've seen 1000s of athletes continue to benefit from participating regularly in 1 on 1, monthly training sessions, and working through the trainings.

Student-athletes who participate are GUARANTEED to experience major mindset breakthroughs that result in more confidence, courage, and success on and off the field.

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How It Works:

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What Athletes Have Experienced.

Jake McClure

D1 Lacrosse

Before working on the mental aspect of my game I was playing with constant self-doubt and negative self-talk. Now, I am now playing with confidence and consistently have positive thoughts about my ability. The trainings helped me in achieve my dreams of playing D1 lacrosse. 

Miabella Lovell

D1 Figure Skater

Before going through Mindset Performance Coaching, I was struggling with a chronic injury and severe competition anxiety. The mindset hacks I learned helped me to get back to training at an elite level. I have re-found my love for competing and am accomplishing personal records!

Rachel Roupe

D1 Softball

I had always been the best, but freshman year I found myself struggling mentally and physically at the highest level. After a couple of months of mindset training, I was in the starting line up, earned multiple player of the week awards, and made the all conference freshman team. The mental leaps I made were literally game changing!

It Is Time To Remove Mental Blocks & Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs.

Imagine how much time your young athlete (and YOU) will save every day when they are equipped with tools that help them accomplish personal records ON and OFF the field without battling what is going on in their mind.

They can now do that AND more as part of the Mindset Performance Academy where high school and college athletes are actively:

  • Improving their confidence
  • Increasing their concentration and focus
  • Growing from failure
  • Building resilience
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Increasing their motivation

And most importantly, taking control of their mindset in positive, healthy ways.

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Success Is GUARANTEED with Mindset Training.

With 90% of high-performance athletes claiming their success comes from mental training and ability, IT ONLY MAKES SENSE to let young athletes follow their lead by accessing live monthly training, tools, hacks, and exercises that are proven to work.

Sports Parent, The Choice Is Yours.

Equip your student-athlete with mindset tools to overcome the pressures of competition and set them up for success OR let them stay stuck in their silent battle.

What are the details?

If your athlete is selected for the program, will be a combination of 1 on 1 mindset coaching to work on their greatest challenges or opportunities, as well as education, action steps, and accountability on off-days so that we can ensure this program transforms their mindset and results. 

We get our athletes to take action because information alone will not change much.


We know this membership program will transform your student-athlete or your money back.

14-days-money-back-guarantee – VIP Stepmom

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Inner Circle Mindset Performance Coaching, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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