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Bad Coach? 3 Ways to Thrive Anyway


Can you still have a positive experience and come out on top in your sport if you have an unkind, command and control, never give praise or encouragement kind of coach?

You can if you learn to take back control of 3 things.

Athlete, you do not have to suffer mentally or emotionally just because you have a coach who does not treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

3 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Experience in Sports 

1. Control what you FOCUS on.

I know, your coach never recognizes your progress. Never tells you good job. Always points out where you fall short. And never really gives you guidance and attention to help you improve.

But what DO you have?

  • Teammates that you love being around!
  • A sport you love playing!
  • You have skills you have developed!
  • You have goals to work towards! 

What you focus on ends up being your experience, regardless of what your coach says, does, doesn't say, or doesn't do.


2. Control what things MEAN to you.

Your coach hasn't paid you a single compliment all season and never gives you quality time (this just happened with a college D1 athlete I do mindset training with).

Does it mean that she hates you and you are not a great player?

Or, does it mean that the style of leadership coach learned is that it's best to not build deep connections with players and instead keep them distant?

Regardless of which is true, you will TRANSFORM your experience in sports and life if you decide to choose EMPOWERING meanings for things.

After all, could it be true that it's not as bad as you are thinking?

3.  Control what you DO next.

Will you continue working hard regardless of what coach says or does?

Will you choose to show up with a positive attitude, look for the good, and be a source of encouragement for your teammates?

Or, will you choose to blame, complain, and criticize?

I do not ask that questions to be insensitive. I ask it to remind you that you and only you are in control of the way you respond to people.

These are 3 of the 7 Mindset Hacks I write about in the book, ATHLETE! I'm Talking to You. 

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Dedicated to your success in sports and life,

Coach Andrew


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