3 Virtual School Health Hacks

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2020

Hey you guys! 


It’s Coach Brian from the RSK Academy. You guys have been doing an awesome job getting our Facebook page almost 200 likes! Thank you so much. Today I wanted to bring you 3 Virtual School Health Hacks that will keep your child’s nutrition on track, Keep their Brains Functioning at the highest level, and keep their bodies happy and healthy as well.


Hack #1

Have your child snacking on Vegetables. Vegetables are a snack that your child can have an unlimited amount of. They are filling, good for you, and help your child stay away from high sugar and high-fat snacks. Coach Brian’s favorite Vegetable snack is Carrots and even carrots with hummus!


Hack #2: 

1 Minute Quick Bursts of Physical Activity between homework and each Zoom Class. Here is the link to Coach Brian’s 1 Minute Brain Break Activities: https://bit.ly/36dymJP These videos will help your child’s Brain create the Optimal Blood and Oxygen flow to keep them focused, energized and ready to go!


Hack #3: 

Engaging in these activities and habits with your kiddos. You are one of your child’s Top role models at any age. Seeing them now more than ever gives you the best chance to set them up for Healthy Habits and Success for the rest of their lives.


Thank you so much for reading! If you would like more information on the Rock Solid Kids Academy at PFP please go to https://www.RSKatPFP.com and get your first session or consultation Free with Coach Brian! See you at PFP Soon(:


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