Don't Let your Child become a ZOOM ZOMBIE

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2020
Zoom Zombie Symptoms:
-Extended amounts of screen time
-A blank Expressionless Face
-Possibly some Drool
Let's Talk about my Friend Zach. Zach The Zoom Zombie
He is 8 years old and his absolute favorite thing to do is play outside with his friends and Play Football and Soccer in the Fall.
But Zach’s Seasons were canceled and school is online for him now 😞
Zach wasn’t always a Zoom Zombie.
He was a fun, intelligent, and extremely energized in all of the right ways! Now Zach is a Zoom Zombie and his parents are worried that:
-His grades aren’t going Excellent,
-His energy is going to be really low,
-and his attitude is going to be sour.
That is where Zach’s mom Saw that Coach Brian Really cares about planning for success for our Youth.
Zach came to PFP' Rock Solid Kid's Academy and in 8 Sessions Zach and his mom found that they were Jam-packed with FUN, SWEAT, SMILES, and POSITIVITY. Oh ya, and he's developing super important skills like he would in PE class.
Zach’s mom could not believe the improvement in Attention span, Report card/test scores, and Believe it or not, Zach made his bed every single day for the whole MONTH!
And The Zoom face was a thing of the past.
If you want to get your child involved in the Rock Solid Kid's Academy here is the link for more information

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