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Our Mission

To inspire 6-11 year olds to become Healthier, more Confident, Successful Leaders in sport and life.

The Problem Parents are seeing in the youth today


We have found that too many kids are lacking confidence, Not getting enough physical activity, and are being beat down by coaches at and early age. What happens when your kid does not get involved with a positive program like RSK at PFP? They become crippled by fear self doubt and sports anxiety that leads to burn out and ultimately decreased performance.

Why are so many students joining the Rock Solid Kids Academy?


-To Build Confidence from the inside out so that they won't be shaken by things outside of their control

-To Become Stronger and Faster so that they can perform better on the field

-To Build better Stamina and Endurance so that they outlast the competition and avoid Injuries


"They are instilling that hard work, dedication and perseverance can achieve great things physically as well as mentally.  This is done in an environment that is positive and encouraging while making it fun too. It is from this that we have seen our son's confidence grow while at PFP not only in physical ability but as a student and maturing kid."


"Now that school is virtual and Alex has a very limited PE time with school, The RSK Academy has filled this gap. I have never seen Alex smile, laugh, and enjoy something so much. I am so happy that Alex is falling in love with PFP and their RSK Academy. He is even consistently making his bed!"



"Without in person school for the Fall, and at this point an uncertain schedule, we are thankful that PFP is available and helping James tremendously."


Hey parent! 


My name is Brian Munday Jr.


I am a Youth Physical Literacy Specialist that absolutely loves seeing Young athletes become more confident, courageous, and successful on and off the field. 
This age range (6-11) is where some of the most crucial stages of development happen. Being part of the Rock Solid Kids program means capitalizing on the windows of opportunity your kid has to become the most athletic, skilled, mentally strong young man or woman they can be.


I am very so exctied for you and I to link arms and change the trajectory of our Youth Forever! Setting them up for a Happy, Humble, and Healthier Life style.



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