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My name is Andrew Simpson.

Over the past decade I have enjoyed having the opportunity to coach more than 1,000 student-athletes to more confidence and success. I’ve been able to help over 75 student-athletes make it to the collegiate level and become leaders.

But my greatest passion and joy is helping students master their mindset -- to solve the self-doubts, fears, and mental-game struggles that are causing more harm than anything else. It is “between the ears” is where I have found the majority of kids have the most room to grow.

Most kids, coaches, and parents are throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks. Club sports, private sport specific instructors, maybe some weight training and injury prevention along the way. 

The goal is to help them become the best person and athlete they can be without sacrificing mental or emotional health, relationships, or physical well-being along the way, right?

So how do we as parents offer up a better, more consistent, more relevant solution that allows our athletes to become high-performing, confident, successful, healthy leaders? How do we motivate them better, inspire them deeper, and love and encourage them better?

That is what the Winning Athlete Formula is all about. A new approach for parents and coaches that is guaranteed to strengthen the minds, win the hearts, and inspire the souls of your athletes.


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