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Discover the 7 Mindset Hacks to Take Back Control!  

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Athlete, Mental Health Matters. So Does Performance. You Can Have BOTH!

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When my book The Youth Truth came out, it became clear a version was needed to encourage, empower and equip athletes–like you–to take back control.

  • If you’re an athlete who is struggling to confidently perform the way you know you can...
  • If you are tired of people telling you (but not teaching you how) to "stop overthinking, focus on the positive, and get out of your head." 
  • If you’re a parent or coach who is eager to help your kids shift from struggling to thriving…
  • If you’re an athlete who is eager to take back control, so you dominate whatever you do…
Then THIS book is for YOU!
Let’s tap into your superpower called MINDSET.
Let’s prepare you to TAKE BACK CONTROL.

Do You Feel Trapped By The Sport That Once Brought You Joy?

You are NOT alone.

Athlete studies have PROVEN that:

...and the list of mental health challenges goes on and on.

Believe it or not, your athletic sport is NOT who you are.

Your identity is NOT

figure skating, football, lacrosse, or (insert sport here).

If you're wondering how to...

Stop Struggling with Mind Games.

Start Taking Back Control.

You Need Mindset Hacks That Will Help You Succeed!

If you're wondering how to...

Stop Struggling with Mind Games.

Start Taking Back Control.

You Need Mindset Hacks That Will Help You Succeed!

Good News! You can EVICT fear, anxiety, depression, and stress from being your daily companions.

There IS a way to STOP feeling FRUSTRATED & OVERWHELMED.

Find out how in ATHLETE! I'm Talking to You!

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What Readers Say...

Shaun Smithson

Mid-Atlantic FCA Director

"This book helps athletes transform their minds by sorting through imposter messages and discovering wisdom and joy in truth.  I encourage every athlete to read this book."

Miabella Lovell

D1 College Figure Skater

"This book is a staple in my own training plan and my own students. I recommend this book to any athlete who has ever felt the weight of their sport and is ready to take back control!

Pete Holman

Fitness Leader Expert

"If you want to fly high as an athlete, you better have a good steering mechanism. Following the steps in this book will put you on "auto-pilot" en route to self-actualization."

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ATHLETE! I'm Talking To You Will Teach You How To:

  • STOP feeling down, doubtful, or stressed out.

  • START focusing on your improvements and accomplishments.

  • LEARN how to achieve balance and DOMINATE on and off the field.

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About the Author

As a coach, author, and trainer, Andrew J. Simpson is dedicated to transforming the youth sports industry by equipping student-athletes, coaches, and parents with the right mindset.

Andrew’s refreshing approach has made him a sought-after athletic coach, online educator, and mindset consultant. As the founder of Player’s Fitness and Performance (PFP), he is passionate about helping clients achieve their fullest potential in life and sports.

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What Readers Say...

Karen Baker

D1 College Football Player Parent

"This amazing, interactive book helps athletes to look inside themselves through personal stories & experiences. It is an easy read with immediate takeaways to put into action right away.

Ryan Defibaugh

Licensed Sports Psychologist

"Working with young athletes daily to overcome anxiety, depression, and confidence, this book provides a powerful message of empowerment and hope for athletes, parents, and coaches."

Amber & Mike Walters

Coach & Parents to 4 Athletes

"These mindset hacks
turned our timid daughter into a dominant leader. Our other daughter now reframes negative feelings into confidence. This book could literally change your life."