Sick of watching your athlete fail to Control "Between the Ears"?

Breakthrough Your Fears, Self-Doubts, Comparison, and learn to think like the pros

A new Formula to Help Student-Athletes Build Resiliency, Unshakeable Confidence, Discipline, and Consistent Peak Performance. 



Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to help your athlete be successful?

Is it possible that for so long now, the current system of sports and school have been keeping kids from truly reaching their full potential?

More club teams, more private hitting coaches, more tutors...but for what?

To learn "how to hit better and be a better test taker"?

What about building high-performance life skills? Developing a mindset that allows your kid to become a confident leader long before most kids do.

I found that it IS possible when they get the right inputs. What goes into your child's mind is shaping their destiny, wouldn't you agree?

My name is Andrew Simpson and I am here to help athlete reach peak performance on and off the field by mastering their mindset and learning to win the mental game first.

The old ways are not working. Kids are not motivated the same way. They are struggling with self doubt and even anxiety before and during games. They are not able to compartmentalize a bad play, a failed attempt, or a mistake.

Your child does have more potential than they are currently tapping into BUT they need a mental game resource to help them ARMOR UP and become more mentally confident and courageous.

The value of these insider access trainings is over $1,000 but you get it for a fraction of that. Plus, we update it every MONTH with the newest, most influential content.

Real Personal Growth For Student-Athletes

I am a Youth Athlete Mindset and Performance Coach for roughly 300 middle, high school, and college aged student-athletes in Frederick, MD. And now, many more all over the world.

My team and I are on a mission to help kids like yours become more unshakeable, steadfast, believe in themselves more, and ultimately perform better on and off the field.

Negative coaches, modern society, and other things that can derail our kids are what we are fighting against.

I am also the Creator of the Say Nothing Challenge for Sports Parents where we help hundreds of parents just like you to learn how to be a BETTER SPORTS PARENT and raise a more confident, courageous kid.

This course will help your athlete(s) to get out of their heads, stop overthinking so much, and find more joy and passion playing the matter what kind of kid you have.


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Why invest in mindset performance trainings for my child?


I guarantee your child will finally be equipped with the skills to:


  1. Immediately compartmentalize a bad play or mistake and get over failures faster. No more watching them self-sabotage.
  2. CONFIDENTLY LEAD rather than follow the crowd
  3. Be the ONE who stays positive and turns adversity into OPPORTUNITY
  4. Be more resilient and unshakeable, not allowing negative coaches, circumstances outside of their control, or anything else to rattle their confidence & self-belief


The best thing is that you can try out the entire program for 60 days risk free. I am that confident it will transform your kid from the inside out.



Sports are 90% mental. Athletes who want to take their game to another level must master their mindset, learn how to overcome mistakes faster, and foster a champion-mentality.


Many kids are caught in their own heads. Circumstances outside of their control are ruining their confidence and performance. This course will take them from struggle to progress. From failure to success.

"“Prior to working with Andrew in the Athlete Mindset Performance program, Megan was inconsistent on the volleyball court. Self-sabotaging was a regular thing. Working through these lessons helped her to gain a heightened level of awareness as well as confidence in herself and her abilities. She is happier, playing better, and more motivated than ever."

Tracy R.


Back in 2015 we realized that our athletes, despite being strong, fast, smart, and skilled, were struggling with the mental game.

If you are like most parents, it pains you to see your kid be shaken up by things OUTSIDE of their control. Bad coaches, undeserving teammates, and other unfortunate circumstances.

We discovered many kids:

  • They lacked ability to quickly overcome mistakes, to MOVE ON!
  • They got in their own heads, A LOT!
  • They struggled with confidence but had no real clue how to fix it!
  • They let fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty negatively effect their performance and belief in themselves.

SO, we put together a series of quick, easy to understand videos and trainings that now hundreds of kids, just like yours, have gone through and as a result have experienced tremendous rises in confidence and consistency in their performance. 



It pains me when a coach, another player, OR factors outside of your son or daughters control negatively effect the way they feel about themselves, which in turn effects their confidence. 

After this training you will no longer have to watch your kid be negatively impacted by their circumstances. By using our 7 Step Athlete Mindset Mastery Program they will become UNSHAKEABLE. 

  • They won't be shaken by coaches who don't communicate well to them or explain the "WHY"
  • They won't be shaken by a few bad plays or games
  • They won't be shaken by teammates who get favored above them, or who get more playing time even if they do not deserve it 
  • They wont be shaken by unforeseen setbacks, injuries, rude or negative peers, or any other uncontrollable factors!


All the things you want to teach your kid, we break it down for them in the Athlete Mindset Mastery Section of this course. One of our goals is to become the coaches we always wish we had. This is what we do for your child.


As the great John Wooden said:


"A coach will impact more kids in a year than most will impact in a lifetime. A coach DOES have the greatest influence in an athlete's life."

In addition to BRAND NEW trainings added from time to time, when you invest in this one-of-a-kind resource for you and your athlete, you get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to these two courses!


10 High-Performance Mentoring Sessions that I have used to help hundreds of athletes to find their FULL potential without sacrificing joy, health, or well-being along the way. 99% of athletes never find that balance.

Periodic Brand New Trainings Added ($49 value)

Parents pay $150/hour for these lessons and your child will receive them for a fraction of a fraction of that cost. Imagine your child being encouraged and empowered by a mindset performance specialist! What would be possible is they received this input consistently?

BONUS- The Updated Winning Athlete Nutrition Formula 3.0

Injuries are at an all time high and increasing. Many kids do not get clear, simple nutritional guidance.

This is a simple, easy to understand blueprint that will motivate your athlete and educate them to fuel their body like a champion.

I created The Winning Athlete Nutrition Formula 2 years ago in response to one of our student-athletes passing out and suffering with severe stomach cramping after running one day at PFP. 

It even has concrete action steps for accountability. And it is yours for FREE when you enroll in the insider trainings. For those of you who are already in, you can access it RIGHT NOW!


Total Value of the ENTIRE PROGRAM Program: $497


Your Price: $197



*These are specifically design to enhance in-game performance and their ability to overcome mistakes FASTER

Above and Beyond Training #1 (priceless)

We will teach them the 3 steps to creating the 1 thing every athlete needs to overcome distraction, errors, or mistakes FAST.

Above and Beyond Training #2 (priceless)

Has your athlete ever let fatigue, coaches, or bad performances change their posture, attitude, or energy levels? These 5 in-game performance secrets will help them rise up when others fall down.

3 Easy to Access Audio Trainings ($47 value)

Bonus Success Tip 1

Avoid the comparison trap that most kids fall into and tap into the INNER drive that produces a motivation that will last a lifetime.

Bonus Success Tip 2

Your athlete will learn the only 2 Leadership Ingredients that actually matter. Focusing on the controllables, doing GOOD as a leader, and becoming rather than arriving.

Bonus Success Tip 3

This one is self-explanatory. This audio message will help your athlete think differently and program their mind to do the things that they don't FEEL like doing, knowing it will lead to great results.

When you enroll today you get:

  • A Brand New Training Every Month! The most relevant, up to date content that Andrew is using with his 1:1 Mindset Students (currently full) will be updated in your Inner Circle Membership. ($97/month)
  • The Becoming UNSHAKEABLE Masterclass Parts 1 & 2 ($97 value)
  • The 3 Part Training- Athlete Psychology Mastery: Believe in yourself, dream bigger, and overcome doubt ($97 value)
  • The ENTIRE Sports Parent Mastery Course ($59 value)
  • The 4 Pillar Out of Your Head and In The Zone Athlete Formula ($77 value)
  • The Confident, Courageous Athlete Formula ($17 value)
  • The Motivated Athlete Method ($47 value)
  • Consistent Performance Keys ($17 value)



  • Above and Beyond Training #1- 5 Secrets of the BEST Athletes in the World (priceless)
  • Above and Beyond Training #2- How to Overcome Mistakes FASTER (priceless)

BONUS! 3 Audio Success Tips

  • #1 Become Driven By What's INSIDE: Avoid the trap that MOST student-athletes fall into and tap into your inner drive that will LAST.
  • #2 Overcoming "I don't feel like it" Syndrome: self explanatory :-)
  • #3 The Only 2 Leadership Ingredients That Matter: Learn how to focus on being good and doing good. Taking care of the controllables and allowing the results to take care of THEMSELVES!
+ Plus the NEW Winning Athlete Nutrition Formula ($47 value)


Total Value of the ENTIRE PROGRAM Program: $497


Regular Price: $197


PLUS you get access to updates and new trainings.


60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


Once you dive into these videos, your athletes will be performing more consistently with less mental mistakes than ever before.

"“Prior to going through this course, Charlie would let bad plays, minor setbacks, and even coaches get to his head. After going through the course, Charlie is happier now AND playing better. Hard to achieve both."

Darren S.
Committed Sports Parent



There is no catch. It is not about the money, it is about taking down every barrier to ensure kids get the life training they need to be successful.

I know these trainings are MUST-HAVES for your athletes. If they do not do something like this, what will change?

Click the link below, enroll, test it out, and if you and your athletes do not agree that it was worth the price of admission and then some, let me know. This is why we are doing 100% guarantee on the course. 

Club sports are thousands of dollars per year. Private coaches, trainers, they are easily $250/$500 per month. This training will hit the areas that those things do not cover. The areas that are truly transformational.

What if you don't enroll?

The world is a tough place. Your child's mind is being shaped by their coaches, their peers, and their environment.

At this point, you either like my philosophies and think they could help your child be more successful and avoid unnecessary pitfalls, or not.

You have ZERO RISK trying it out. I want to serve your child and see them succeed.  Click below to test drive the Inner Circle Monthly Membership!



Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do I get after enrolling?

You will receive full access to the member’s area for you AND your child today.

You will get:

  • An online member’s area which means you and your son or daughter can easily access all of the information at your own pace.
  • A proven step-by-step system to get them results fast.
  • 3 powerful tools to help you feel confident, motivated and clear.
  • Clear instructions with pictures, videos and checklists.
  • Exclusive information from a Youth Confidence Coach with years of experience.
  • Ability to submit questions directly to me for answering in the comments section of each page.


2) What if we don't use it?

Listen, I totally understand if life gets in the way and it is hard to get your kid to do "extra training" such as this.

That's why this is designed to be engaging and immediately rewarding for your student. They will love this, but if not, we have the simple money back guarantee. 



3) How do they access it?

It is simple, they can get it on their mobile phones, plug their headphones in, and listen WHENEVER! On a run, before bed, before a game to get their mind right!



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