4 Week Rock Solid Kids Camp

Dear parent of a 6-11 year old,


It is Back to School Time!!!


Bitter sweet, we know :-)


We want to give your 6-11 year old an opportunity to do 4 things:


1. Be part of the small percentage of 6-11 year olds who are building their self-confidence and competence while going to school and playing sports


2. Build a foundation of bodyweight strength, balance, coordination, endurance, and rhythm that they are not guaranteed to get playing sports

3. Be in a motivating, encouraging, uplifting environment with positive coaches who challenge them and care deeply about them 


4. Develop an affinity for fitness, healthy lifestyle, and good nutrition


At the end of the day... 


You want to avoid seeing your son or daughter struggle with confidence issues because they are not as athletic or strong as the other kids (or they are, but comparing themselves to others is eating away at confidence)


You want to see them enjoy sports and not fall into the comparison trap, pre-sport anxiety syndrome, or perfectionist mentality that teenagers face if they are not coached up beforehand between 6-12 years of age.

(We all hate when we realize that we waited too long to do the right things, the good things, because they didn't ​seem ​like they were pressing matters at the time)


There are more obstacles than ever before holding kids back, cause them to doubt themselves, and ultimately contributing to "12 year old burnout", a new phenomenon happening with this generation of youth athletes.


The 4 Week Confident Athlete Camp​ is designed to build the foundation your son or daughter needs to be more successful- mind, body, spirit.



  • Negative coaches are right around the corner (if they have not already dealt with them)

  • The temptation for your kid to compare his or herself to others is near.

  • The window of opportunity to maximize hand-eye coordination, bodyweight mastery, balance, and other athletic indicators is closing

  • Kids are craving to be in places where positivity is high, they feel valued and cared for beyond just their athletic performance, and where they are not judged


The kids who engage in evidence based training programs (and give their best effort because it is FUN) are proven to come out on the other side of puberty feeling more confident and competent.


"I didn't know what to expect, honestly. I just wanted something for my son to do to keep him busy. But the confidence I saw be instilled in him over those 4 weeks made me a believer in a different way. His on field play was better, but what happened inside him was far bigger. The 4 week camp is the start of a positive journey for him." -Parent of a PFP athlete

The value of the 4 Week Confident Athlete Back to School Camp is $199. That is less than $25 per session for your kid to receive all of those benefits.


For the next 72 hours, your athlete can be part of the camp for over $100 off.


The cost is $97 for a first time athlete.


The days and times can be found below.


If you cannot do the times listed, message us anyway. We will do our best to make it work because we know that this could completely change your kids confidence, athleticism, and overall mindset moving forward.



Dedicated to your athlete’s confidence and success,

Coach Brian ​

6-9 Years Old


Class Times


6:30 - 7:30 pm


5 - 6 pm 

(2 Classes Per Week)

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10-11 Years Old


Class Times



6:30 - 7:30 pm

(2 Classes Per Week)

(Wednesday 6:30 - 7:30 pm & Saturday 11:30-12:30 pm also available)

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(We Will Be in Contact with you)

The Rock Solid Kids Program Will allow your Child to:

1. Develop a Rock-Solid Fitness Foundation: we meet them where they are NOW and build them up one brick at a time

2. It will be one of those rare times that they work hard, sweat their tails off, and have a BLAST doing it. They will beg you to come back.

3. They will develop the skills and athleticism needed to be competent in whatever sport of physical activity they choose.

4. They will break past any self-doubts or insecurities that once held them back

5. They WILL take a gigantic step towards becoming the leader you know they can be

6. And so, so much more.






Children who learn to have more fun while they are working out and sweating will always seek more opportunities to join/try sports and will love to engage in all types of activities.


This 4 week experience will expose your child to some of the best mentoring, learning, and fun experiences that will lead to them developing the confidence and competence to participate in many sports throughout their life and 


This program is for the future generation of leaders. Kids who go against the grain in faith and confidence. Kids who want to step up and into the life they were called to live.

Hey parent! 

My name is Brian Munday Jr.

I am a Youth Physical Literacy Specialist that absolutely loves seeing Young athletes become more confident, courageous, and successful on and off the field. This age range (6-11) is where some of the most crucial stages of development happen. Being part of the Rock Solid Kids program means capitalizing on the windows of opportunity your kid has to become the most athletic, skilled, mentally strong young man or woman they can be.

I am very proud to present you with this 4 week Camp that allows your child 8 NEW, FUN and EXCITING opportunities to get better.